Unsolicited Submissions

Opportunities for artists to display their work in a gallery (commercial or otherwise) are competitive.  Sometimes non-profit, artist-run, and commercial galleries will provide specific criteria on their websites for artists who might like to apply for an exhibition in the space, but increasingly, many galleries simply note that they do not accept “unsolicited submissions.” 
Many artists ignore this request. 
Although we do not have any current calls for entry, Ejecta Projects welcomes unsolicited submissions which adhere to our unsolicited submission guidelines (see below).

While it is unlikely we will be able to exhibit work from every artist who wishes to send us their materials, ALL submission materials that follow our guidelines will be color printed and placed in a binder of recent submissions. This binder will be perusable by gallery visitors and regional curators during our normal operating hours.

While submitting your materials does not guarantee that you will be invited to exhibit at Ejecta Projects, we do expect to review our unsolicited submissions binder periodically in support of group exhibitions.  In general, we would want to get to know an artist better through a group show experience before committing to a more expansive collaboration.

Please note: sending us your work requires a non-refundable $10 submission fee payable using the Paypal link below. This submission fee is supports the printing of submissions and general gallery programming expenses.
Please direct all questions to ejectaprojects@gmail.com
Unsolicited Submissions Submission Guidelines:
1)    All artists over the age of 18 are welcome to send us materials.  This includes one submission of 10 images at the non-refundable cost of $10.  Payments must be made through our website: www.ejectaprojects.com (scroll down to bottom of page).
2)    All submissions must be formatted as follows and emailed as an attachment directly to ejectaprojects@gmail.com  
IMPORTANT: All submissions must be emailed to Ejecta Projects as a 12-page PDF.  PDF submissions MUST follow the following format:

Page 1: A combination bio/artist statement not to exceed 1 page.
Page 2:  One-page CV  (one page max).  Include your contact info.
Pages 3 -12: TEN individual images representing your art. One image per page.  Each page should also include relevant image information: Title, date, materials and no more than a sentence or three if there are other relevant details important for us to know. Do not include any $ales information.  Video, time-based, or performance works should be represented with a single still image.  Please include a link to individual video materials in the body of the email when you send in the submission.  Do not attach any additional files to the email.
Ejecta Projects reserves the right to reformat submission materials as needed for the sake of organizational convenience.  As this library of submission materials will be available for browsing by the general public, submission materials that contain “mature content” will be labeled as such. Submission materials that include images that exceed a reasonable level of “mature content” for a general public will be in considered in violation of the submission guidelines.
Materials that do not closely conform to the guidelines above will not be  printed or retained in anyway by the gallery with the reminder that the submission fee is non-refundable.
ALL submission materials will otherwise be available to the public.
3)    The body of your email should include a brief note of introduction and a link to your website (and links to time-based submissions if appropriate).  No other links, images, attachments, statements, biographical information, or other supporting materials should be included in the email. If you think it is relevant, feel free to add a sentence or two outlining in more detail why Ejecta Projects might be a particularly good fit for the exhibition of your work.