ejecta projects

Amy June Bates: Checking Out
New paintings, prints, drawings, and a book by Amy June Bates

On view in Ejecta Projects: March 22 - May 4, 2019
RECEPTION: March 30, 5-7pm

Amy June Bates is interested in stories. Her themes are influenced by her roles as a woman, wife, mother, and professional illustrator. In her series of drawings titled "Checking Out," published as an art book by Ejecta Projects, she considers the role of the female in domesticity as interconnected to consumerism, family, and the isolation of modernity, as well as the impact of domestic convenience on our planet. In her related series, "Chores" and "Rewilding," she explores the ways we domesticate ourselves and the many personal and environmental costs of domestication.

Also on display in the “Curious Cabinet” at Ejecta Projects is Mitch Shiles: FEAST. Shiles’s collection of ceramics, including mugs, plates, and salt-and-pepper shakers, suggest a mode of consumption marked by abundance and celebration – a feast.  The saturated glazes, robust geometries, and unexpected textures of his ceramics reiterate the sense of copiousness and plenitude implied by the title.  But, Shiles, in all of his work, is carefully attuned to the tenuous lines between form and function.  His playful and insightful approach to process challenges the seeming divide between usefulness and conceptualism in art. Born in Pennsylvania, Mitch Shiles is an artist who merges multiple media and often vacillates between utilitarian and experiential practices.  Trained as a ceramist, his processes bridge both computer aided methods and ancient craft techniques. Having exhibited bothnationally and internationally, his investigations involve remixing the aesthetics of current cultures and evincing experiences that often lie unseen.